500 metres from Orjaku port towards Kassari. There is a sign "TAMME TALU" at the end of our road. 25 km from Heltermaa port

The guest house is at the sea shore on the sheep pasture where are a lot of junipers
There are 3 twin rooms with the possibility of 3 extra beds.
The cost of the entire building is 1500 EEK for 24 hours.
It's a private place.

In addition:
* There is a kitchen, a shower and WC in the building.
* There is a bon-fire place where you can sit and barbecue.
* There is a possibility to use a rowing boat.
* 3 km to the nearest shop and diner
* You can watch seabirds from the balcony of the guest house or from the    Käina bay bird watching tower which is only 1 km away. Käina bay is    internationally important bird protection area since 1971.
* Orjaku nature trail - 1 km.
* If booking advance you can go on a joy-ride with a launch for max 8    people - 600 EEK an hour.
* If booking advance you can go on a joy-ride with a fishing boat for max   10 people.
* When there is a fishing season there is a possibility to join fishermen at the    sea.
* 5 km to horse back riding

Käina vald, Orjaku küla 92111
tel. +3724697159
mob. +37256502859

e-mail: aidar.kaaramees@mail.ee